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"Stop Wasting Your Money On Your Constituents" – Bagbin Admonishes MPs

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has warned MPs and Ministers of State about the attitude of the Ghanaian in draining people in authority of their resources and leaving them dry to die miserably.

According to the speaker, MPs and Politicians who work to use their own resources on constituents end up being destroyed by the same people they serve to the extent that when they’re no longer wielding power they become useless. The former Nadowli-Kaleo MP who until the 8th parliament was the longest-serving lawmaker, lamented the sorry state of former Politicians in the country attributing the same to the nature of Ghana’s politics.

Speaking in parliament today, the Speaker charged MPs not to spend too much on elections since the appreciation is mostly low from the electorates leaving them in huge debts especially when they don’t win.

“That is what is happening to former Members of Parliament and Ministers of State, you are destroyed to the extent that you have no value in the society. Meanwhile, all that you have been doing go to other people and not to yourself.

“You all know it, how many of you work and keep the money in your pocket? It is just a few who might be in business or something and continuing maybe putting something there. But the majority of the MPs sweat to satisfy the hopes, aspirations and needs of their constituents. At the end of the day after you struggle to win primaries or you lose you have no pesewa in your pocket. The same people will insult you in the constituency.”




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