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Stonebwoy shakes Accra Sports Stadium with ‘Bhim Concert’

History was made on Friday, 22 December 2023, as iconic Afro-Reggae/Dancehall artist Stonebwoy staged his monumental Bhim Nation-5th Dimension concert at the Accra Sports Stadium.

The 40,000-capacity stadium overflowed with fervent Bhim Nation soldiers.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and a noticeable energy coursed through the fans in the stands.

And then the legend himself materialised. Stonebwoy, resplendent in a vibrant Bhim Nation outfit, swaggered onto the stage, and the stadium erupted.

The cheers were deafening, a wave of adoration washing over the artist. His infectious grin mirrored the joy of the crowd, and as the first beats of a familiar track dropped, the Bhim Nation roared.

For over 10 hours, the Accra Sports Stadium became a sacred space for the Bhim Nation.

Artists like Epixode, Larusso, Ras Kuuku, Kofi Kinaata, and Sefa took turns igniting the crowd with their diverse talents, each act adding a unique flavour to the musical gumbo.

The fans also showed massive love to Jamaican artists 10TIK and Jahmiel whose presence on stage brought some memorable and inspirational moments for some fans.

But all roads led to Stonebwoy.

His live band performance was pure fire. Each strum of the guitar and each beat of the drum sent vibrations through the crowd, their bodies swaying in unison.

Beyond the music, the “Bhim Concert-5th Dimension concert was a celebration of unity and pride. It was a family reunion for the Bhim Nation, transcending borders and generations.

Credit: Asaase  


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