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Spotlight On Godfred Brako, An Industrious Forklift Operator At Tema Heavy Industrial Area (Pics)

Known for their experience in operating and managing industrial trucks to load, unload materials, deliver, transport them to and from storage areas, machines, and loading docks, into railroad cars or trucks or storage facilities, forklift operators and their operations have become a fast-changing business in most harbors and organizations in the country.

Meet Godfred Okai Brako, popularly known as Shelewajnr, one of the finest forklift/storekeeper operators who is turning heads around at the Tema Heavy Industrial Area.

Mr. Brako was born and bred in Nima, a Zongo residential town in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

As a young man, he was inspired by his parents to work hard and not feel comfortable in his comfort zone.

Godfred is fluent in the English Language and four local dialects which are; Twi, Ga, Ga Adambge, and a bit of Hausa.

Gofred Brako began his education at Deks Junior High School, a private school located at Tema Community 8 then furthered to Koforidua Secondary Technical, one of the best technical school located in the Eastern Region in southern Ghana and later to Central University College (CUC), a privately owned university college in Ghana owned by the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC).

Although a social media freak, Godfred has developed an attitude of observing posts and comments following the recent cyber bullying which is taking over the internet.

Godfred is married with three beautiful 3 kids.

According to Mr. Brako, one will never prosper in life if he/she decides to sit and allow the hardships of life to overshadow him/her.

Godfred believes that there is nothing called regret in life rather thus everything happens for a reason and serves as a lesson and growth.

The industrious forklift operator says his most embarrassing moment was when he had a confrontation with a lady and the scene she caused was one he will never forget in his life, however, the very day his wife gave birth to his first baby brought a unique feeling as a dad.

In advising the youth, Godfred Brako said "Put God first in anything you do, work hard, there are no shortcuts to success for even the Bible says the hand that does not work must not eat. I believe in 'no pain no gain' ”

Below are some pictures of Godfred:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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