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Spotlight On Atta Gad, 13-Year-Old JHS Student Who Created An Airplane With Mosquito Spray

Atta Gad, a 13-year-old JHS 1 student of the Dr. Saunders Memorial School in Kintampo, Bono East Region, Atta Gad has caught our attention after showcasing his creativity and surprising his mates and teachers.

The young boy whose dream is to fly an aeroplane one day has on his own began by creating a model aeroplane out of some mosquito spray cans, some wires, a pen, and motors that allow it to move from one place to another.

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The family and friends of Atta were impressed and wish to see him go far in achieving his dream.

They are counting on the support of the general public and the country as a whole to encourage such young ones and guide them so they can use this creativity to help themselves and the country as a whole.

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This comes months after a video was circulated about one final year JHS student who also made a car that caught the attention of many in the country after going viral on social media.

His design was picked and later fully developed by Ghana’s very own Kantanka.

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See the pictures below:

Source: wetaya.com