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Social Media Slaughters John Mahama And NDC As #MahamaIsASoreLoser Trends On Twitter

Some social media users have taken to Twitter to slaughter the 2020 Flagbearer of the largest opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, saying he is a sore loser.

In series of tweets sighted by ThinkNews Online, the social media users expressed disappointment in the Flagbearer and the NDC party.

#NPPHASWON @Npp_4more tweeted "I listened to John Dramani Mahama's speech after the SC verdict. No concession and no congratulations to the certified winner. All he could do was complain.. Speech was very unstatesmanlike and a disgrace #MahamaIsASoreLoser#JudgementDay#NanaRemainsPresident"

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N.B.A @Boakyewaa_N also tweeted "Mr John Mahama held a press conference to bastardized the very institution that he benefited from 8 years ago because they gave a judgment that wasn't in his favor. This goes to show that he is unpatriotic & demonstrates why he has been rejected twice. #MahamaIsASoreLoser"

ThatguyYaw @ThatguyYaw added "President Akufo Addo is far better of a statesman than Mahama #MahamaIsASoreLoser"

ThatguyYaw @ThatguyYaw said "#MahamaIsASoreLoser All Mahama and the NDC have done is to blame everyone either than themselves for their woes. Accept your mistakes, address them, and move forward"

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MY President !!!! @LiveYourlifeAK posted "Yesterday’s speech by Mahama just displayed how selfish he is as a person!!! #MahamaIsASoreLoser"

MY President !!!! @LiveYourlifeAK tweeted "Everyone go see him for what he is .. whatever he does is for his selfish interest !!! #MahamaIsASoreLoser"

Samuel Anane Kyere @kyere_anane said "“Whilst I do not agree with the court’s decision, I accept it, l have called President Mahama and congratulated him”. ~ Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo Me: the Incompetent one is just a sore loser and greedy. #MahamaIsASoreLoser"

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Pantino @EbenezerQuaic20 also tweeted "I'm just waiting patiently on a call from Mahama to Nana Addo. Congrats @NAkufoAddo #MahamaIsASoreLoser"

N.B.A @Boakyewaa_N said "After the 2012/2013 election petition Judgement, the then Petitioner now President Akufo-Addo personally place a phone call to John Mahama to congratulate him & affirm his position as President. Regardless of how he felt about the court outcome #MahamaIsASoreLoser"

Below are some embed tweets:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith