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SHOWBIZ: Is Eno Barony, Amerado’s Senior In The Rap Game? Amerado Says Yes.......

Last year, Amerado went hard after Eno after she received VGMA22 Best Rap Performance. But now, Amerado eulogized her as his senior and big sis on TV3’s Showbiz 360. Interesting turnabout, right?

But before the conspiracy theories set in, Amerado explained the why of his new narrative. According to the rapper, a wordplay on a song is just a lyrical prowess, and so ultimate respect should be given in accordance to rank.

"It’s normal. What’s rap without “bragging”. So we recorded this song over 3 months ago. As an artist, I believe Eno has a plan. So it was only right to drop the song after the VGMA because that was when the audience was really prepared for somebody to come out and spit out some lyrics. I believe it’s all for the culture… If you are a rapper and you can’t boast about on a song, that means you are not a rapper. Because the respect you show to other rappers outside is different from when you are on a song"

Detailing the process involved with their new song, ‘The Finish Line’, Amerado shared how easy and inspirational it was working with Eno Barony.

He said, “You know, we’ve always been planning to drop a song, and it’s so nice to be on a song with your big sis. I was so happy when she called again and prompted me, ‘Yo, bro, come home and let’s do this project.’ I was so happy because it’s hip-hop. It’s for the culture… So I will say a big thank you to her.”

But once again, Amerado iterated that whatever is said in a rap song is just a show of prowess.

“It’s all for the culture, and it’s all for the love of the game. I think it is what it is. Whenever you are called upon as a rapper, you have to always show your prowess. I remember when I went to Eno’s house, and we were recording the song. She just stood behind the microphone, with no pen, no paper and then she did it. I was like, wow!” he concluded.

Eno Barony’s The Finish Line featuring Amerado is making waves. Sublime and not so subtle jabs have saturated the song, making other rappers uncomfortable.

Some are even enraged, like Lyrical Joe, who gave a reply that targeted Amerado.

Story by: Grace Somuah-Annan



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