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RELATIONSHIP: 6 Ways To Know If A Girl Loves You

Most times ladies find it difficult to confess their love to a guy that they love.

This is because, it is believed that in the African culture, it is rather the guy who is supposed to propose to the lady and not vice versa.

However, it is not a crime or a big deal if a lady walks up to guy to confess her love for him.

In cases where the girl doesn't confess her feelings, below are some behaviours which smarts guys must observe and know that a lady feels for them.

Addiction to phone

When a girl loves you, she will be addicted to her phone waiting for your call or text. You become her favorite contact.


She will constantly change her profile picture on social media in order to get the male's attention.

She will go from being practical to insane all because if love.


You will always find a girl blushing when she is around you... especially when you are the special someone. When a topic about you arises in her group or whenever someone talks about you she will blush till her cheeks burst out. This hint is a very obvious one.


A girl starts flirting around you and sends flirty messages to you especially where she adds emojis. On the contrary if you find yourself texting her first everyday then she probably isn't into you.


A girl is mostly not herself when she likes you and tend to become nervous when she is around you. She can't keep eye contact, has sweaty palms, talks too fast and this is always the best time as a male to grasp her by pampering her.

Story by: Precious Ama Hlordzi



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