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RELATIONSHIP: 4 Ways To Know Your Boyfriend Wants To Breakup With You

Guys, we get it, sometimes girls really don’t read the room even when it’s very obvious.

You’ve tried everything in you to break up with her but she still doesn’t want to let go or even acknowledge the fact that you want the relationship to end.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Here are some foolproof ways you can end the relationship or even get her to end it for you.

Start being extremely traditional

Most women hate it when guys act like they have to do everything like cook, wash dishes, wash clothes and you insisting on some very Patriarchal stuff. Once you start doing this on a regular, there’s a good chance she’ll break it off with you because ain’t nobody has time for that!

Forget about hygiene

First of all, this should be done when she’s around. Afterwards, you can get back to normal. Everyone loves a good looking guy or a guy who actually puts in the work. Once you let yourself go a bit, she may want to stop hanging out with you. Once you have body odour and even mouth odour, she’ll try to avoid even being close to you.

Stop communicating with her

A number of ladies thrive on the attention you give them. That’s the way you let them know that their your world and you have eyes for only them. Now, if you take away the attention you give them, they try to get you back on track but if that fails, they get someone to fill in for you. For most ladies, this process is very unconscious but it happens. You would be driving her into the hands of her next boyfriend and she wouldn’t even know it. You’ll be there noorr then you’ll receive the “let’s break up” text. You’re welcome.

Be stingy

This especially works on ladies that like to depend on guys for everything … whether they themselves have money or not. To make this really work, get yourself nice things and make sure she sees them. When she asks for something tell her how much you don’t have money and how hard times are. If she asks about what you got for yourself, make up an excuse. If this keeps going on for a while, she’ll leave you for someone who cares for her needs.

Story by: Sweetie Muriel Baisie

1 comment

1 Comment

grace mireku
grace mireku
Jul 07, 2020

Ok we hear......

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