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"If you owe even a pesewa, we'll disconnect you" – Angry ECG workers warn Ashanti Regional Minister

All private properties of Ashanti Regional Minister Simon Osei-Mensah will be disconnected from the nation's grid if he owes any bills, angry workers of the Electricity Company of Ghana have warned.

The red-clad workers who are protesting to demand an apology from the minister for ordering the arrest of the Ashanti East General Manager, Mark Wiafe Asomani, for disconnecting Kumasi Technical University from the grid over debt have warned the minister to pay all his power bills if he has not already done so.

"If the regional minister owes any bill in his private house, we are going there," a furious worker announced to the media, adding, "This week, we will get to his house."If he owes a pesewa, we will disconnect him, and then the police must come and arrest all of us."

the workers have resolved that their managers will not attend any regional security meetings called by the minister as part of their protest.

Asked by journalists if that did not risk worsening the security situation in the region, another angry worker retorted, “The action of the minister is more of a security concern than our general manager’s meeting at the REGSEC."

"The reason is that the actions can lead to other customers emulating what he did, and we think that he should just apologise unreservedly to ECG, then we move on."

He threatened, "We have a series of actions to take. This is the first step. That is why we said that if he is not apologising, someone should tell him to do so.”

Source: classfmonline



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