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RELATIONSHIP: 2 Dangers Of Blood Covenant In A Relationship That Are Worth Knowing

No one should ever force marriage. There is what is called "que sera sera." This simply means that whatever will be, will be. Forcing a marriage through blood covenant should be totally discouraged.

In some relationships where the lovers truly love themselves, they tend to do everything to ensure that they are together forever. One of such ways they do this is through blood covenant. Blood covenant is a binding between two people who have the same interest through their own blood. Those who took blood covenant are bounded in their bloods.

During blood covenant, the lovers will pierce a part of their body, usually the thumb or any of the fingers to discharge blood. The lovers will then lick or suck the blood. During this period, the lovers are also bounded in their own words.

Blood covenant is a kind of oath taking that involves blood sharing. They will also make some declarations that will bind them together. Depending on what they want, these declarations will prevent any of them from betraying the other. They will so much believe in themselves that they will never go against it or face the consequences if they do.

Blood covenant is not advisable whether or not you trust yourself. Lovers may indulge in blood covenant because they do not want to lose each other. For instance, a man who loves a girl may decide to indulge in a blood covenant with her so that she will remain with him until he is ready for marriage.

This act is usually seen in lovers who so much love themselves. They usually do this when one of them, usually the man has a plan of traveling out. They will do this so that the man will not get another girl over there. Also, the man will agree to this so that the girl will not get someone else when he is gone.

Majority of lovers who indulge in this act are oblivious of the dangers that follows it. Some don't know the consequences that follows it when one of them act contrary to their agreement.

One thing you need to understand is that anything two or more people plan, agree on and believe in always work out. Blood covenant is very much effective than you can ever imagine.

There are some spiritual implications of blood covenant.

There are dangers of blood covenant many people don't know. Some of them are explained below. 1. Disease transmission. The person's blood you want to lick, do you know if it is contaminated? What if the person is a carrier or sufferer of some diseases? Taking the blood is enough to make you sick.

2. What if you are not meant together? What if he or she travel and take longer than expected? Can you wait forever? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before indulging in this act.

In a situation whereby suitors keep coming around you as a girl, or you keep seeing girls who are good for you as a man, can you withstand the pressure? The risk here is the consequences that will befall you if you go against the agreement.

Blood covenant is not as normal as it seems. It is advisable you don't indulge in such act no matter how much you love the person.

Credit: Mr Counselor



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