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“Rape Tins On My Mind” – Kwadwo Sheldon Exposed (Screenshots)

Rapists and rape apologists are some of the most dangerous people on earth and they must not just be kept in a secluded place for the development of society, it’s also advisable to even castrate them for women to live their God-given lives with no fears of being raped by some sick depraved person.

With the fight against rape in society, it takes the fightback in ages when it’s discovered that an influencer, a celebrity, or a VIP is deep in the act and is even bold enough to publish his sick thoughts for others to read. That is the current situation Ghana finds herself in after it was discovered that social media influencer, content creator and comedian, Bernard Kwadwo Amoafo aka Kwadwo Sheldon is a rape apologist and could even be a rapist judging by his shocking posts on social media unearth by netizens.

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Screenshots of his sick thoughts are flying all over social media and GhPage has obtained a few ones and they are not a thing to joke with by any serious nation.

The posts were made by Kwadwo Sheldon on his Facebook page a few years ago and worried social media users who abhor rape and anything that promotes it found the screenshots and decided to call him out.

Some of the posts read: “Herh don’t dare me oo …. #Rape tinx on ma mind# …. dnt dare ma hostel ooo… yoooo”

Kwadwo Sheldon even went as far as threatened to rape a lady she was speaking with believed to be his sister. What he said infuriated even his followers who called him out in his posts at the time.

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Kwadwo Sheldon wrote about his sister: ” u eeeh, dnt worry I will rape u one of these days” Kwadwo Sheldon exposed as a rape apologistThe popular content creator went as far as directly promoting rape on his Facebook page with no remorse.

Bernard Kwadwo Amoafo wrote: “there is nothing like rape it’s called surprised sex.” To make it even worse, Kwadwo Sheldon in another post bragged about gang rapes by him and his friends and threatened his female followers of his with gang rape to the shock of his follower.

When Bernard Kwadwo Amoafo aka Kwadwo Sheldon realized he has been exposed as a rape apologist, he quickly went through his old posts about him promoting and threatening women with rape and began deleting them.

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Unfortunately for him, screenshots have already been taken by his followers and began trending online. In fact, after deleting the posts, Kwadwo Sheldon in a desperate attempt to hide his rape tendencies started denying and claiming it was photoshopped.

Friends who were tagged in the posts as well as screenshots and confirmed it was real and not photoshopped as the rape apologist was claiming.

Such a sick retard does not deserve to even walk freely among women but as usual, he will be excused because most men prefer to ignore and pretend Ghana does not have a rape culture. Very sad smh.

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See screenshots below:

Credit: GHPage