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POLITICS: "Stop Clutching On Straw; Bribery Allegation Against Akufo-Addo Won't Wash"- NPP To NDC

The ruling New patriotic party, (NPP), has rubbished allegations of corruption made against president Akufo-Addo by the main opposition National Democratic Congress,(NPP).

At a news conference on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, a Deputy Campaign Manager of the party. Mustapha Abdul-Hamid described the leadership of the opposition party as a bunch of people without ethics.

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"So, it is resorting to throwing in fake videos alleging corruption on the part of the president. It will not wash. You take old videos of a campaign donation and distort it, seeking to make it look like a recent video? Come on! Is the NDC so incompetent even at faking things? And listen to the spurious explanation-that the president took a bribe of $40,000 dollars? (160,000 in'2016 terms?) Pathetic souls".

"Governance is a serious business. When unethical people like those in NDC assume the governance of a country, then what happened to Ghana in pre-2016 is what happens. You have a demoralized society, collapsed businesses, broken financial sector, collapsed educational system and a ruined economy". he added.

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Mustapha Hamid, therefore, urged Ghanaians to reject the presidential candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress, (NDC), John Mahama, on December 7.

According to him, the former president lacked the finesse and the needed acumen to propel Ghana to the next level of development.

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"Have you seen that JM (John Mahama) is now re-writing the entire NDC manifesto? JM has absolutely no faith in manifestos. He doesn't believe in them. He sees them as empty rituals which are just a part of the requirements for prosecuting a campaign.

"But it is even worse that he does not believe in his own manifesto. You can be wishy-washy about everything and anything. But you can't be wishy-washy about a manifesto too!" Mustapha Hamid said.

Story by Rodney Tsenuokpor