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POLITICS: APC Party Acclaims Hassan Ayariga As Its Flagbearer

The All People’s Party (APC) has acclaimed Hassan Ayariga as its flagbearer ahead of the 2020 general elections.

Mr. Ayariga was acclaimed at the party’s National Delegates Congress held in Accra on Monday, August 24.

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Candidate Ayariga received the endorsement from party executives who say he has the foresight to lead Ghana’s development.

The General Secretary for the APC, Mordecai Thiombiano said Ghanaians need the APC to push for all-inclusive governance for development.

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He said “If you want to be void of corruption, then you need to let everybody be involved in the nation-building process. You shouldn’t limit it just to your political party. We need to think about Ghana first before political parties. When we think about Ghana first, regardless of your political party or your religious affiliation or your ethnic affiliation, the all-inclusive governance concept will bring everybody together.”

“Then we look at the action and rule the nation out of national interest and not a parochial interest,” Mr. Thiombiano added.

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Although the APC has made public its Presidential Candidate, the party is yet to unveil its manifesto.

It is emerging that the APC will be seeking to make tertiary education free.

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Speaking on an Accra-based radio station, Mr. Ayariga said "The country needs to build on the gains of the free Secondary Education policy started by the Akufo-Addo administration. The next government, whether APC or whichever government should continue with free tertiary education,”

Story by: Bervelyn Henrietta Allotey