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PERSONAL EFFECT: "No Registration, No Import" - FDA Warns Importers (PICS)

The Head of Centre for Import and Export at the Tema Division of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Emmanuel Yaw Kwarteng has warned that importers who fail to register their 'personal effect' in 2022, will not be allowed to import their products into the country.

According to him, unregistered products when released into the country pose a risk to the lives of users.

Addressing Journalists at a Stakeholder Engagement on the Implementation of 'Personal Effect' Guidelines in Tema, he said "So this meeting is to ask all importing public, freight forwarding fraternity to look at what they want to bring in, let FDA know way-ahead. Registered products are a sign that the FDA is satisfied with its quality and efficacy and we can also voucher that the product is safe for the user. But if we do not see that particular product and it goes and finally finds itself in the market, then you are putting the whole nation at risk. We are looking at 2022, no registration, no import"

He also said "We needed to let you know what personal effect is; it is no more what you term as a personal effect but it is now what the authority accepts now as personal effects. The authority has defined personal effects as products for your own use only and not for commercial purposes. Personal effects in terms of medicine are what you will need for your 90-day supply and nothing else"

Mr. Kwarteng further mentioned that the problem with consolidated and personal effect has to do with some regulated products which although hidden and brought into the country, do not serve their intended purpose but end up on the shelves of shops, supermarkets, and pharmacies.

He pointed out that products that come into the country at the blind side of the FDA, are not safe for usage.

"We started from the beginning of the year and we are gradually interacting with importers and freight forwarders. W have most of them complying and I can say that when we started from the beginning of this year, unregistered products have reduced drastically; about 80% reduction. We are looking at completing 90%" he noted.

Mr. Kwarteng reminded importers that his outfit will re-export unregistered goods adding that it will be at the cost of the importer.

"Next year, 2022, we have fewer unregistered products that may come in, for reasons best known to those who want to bring them in. The law gives us the power to re-export unacceptable goods back to where they came from at your cost" Mr. Kwarteng cautioned.

Responding to the usage of middlemen by importers, he advised persons involved in that to refrain from such behaviors.

"There is no point. You don't have to use a middleman. You don't need even staff from FDA or a big man or woman to help you clear. Your solution is registration. When you register, you don't even need to visit the FDA"

Some importers who spoke to the media promised to adhere to the guidelines spelled out by the FDA.

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Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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