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OPINION: Please Don't Be A Threat To The Continuous Survival Of The Fourth Republican Constitution

I am sure you know that the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, which ushered in the 4th Republic has served us and continues to serve us well.

Iam sure you know that the 4th Republican Constitution is the most enduring Constitution in our 64 years+ post independence history, which constitution constantly reminds us of our unfettered commitment to a regime of sustained and uninterrupted constitutional order.

More importantly, I am sure you know that the 1992 Constitution has been this successful because of the overwhelming acceptance and legitimacy it receives from the Ghanaian people, which acceptance and legitimacy can be UNDERMINED by the actions and inactions of persons who occupy positions of privilege like you.

And when the constitution, which is effectively our grund-norm, losses legitimacy and general acceptance owing to continuous disregard of its provisions with impunity, it fails to be the fundamental law of the the State, paving the way for constitutional anarchy and disorder.

Following your dramatic election as Speaker of Parliament on the eve of January 7, 2021, and your assuring inaugural speech upon assumption of office, many of us had a legitimate expectation that you would indeed live by what you said; that, you would rise above partisanship and be Ghana’s Speaker rather than an NDC Speaker; that, you will at all times, be guided by your official oath and the national interest and become a neutral umpire in discharging your duties as a Speaker.

Unfortunately, that was not meant to be. Not only have you dashed our legitimate expectations, but you have also given us a great cause for worry. You have become even more partisan than your party general secretary and flag bearer. And as if that is not enough, you have become the greatest threat to the continuous survival of the 4th Republican Constitution, having thrown all its provisions and principles to “Nadoli-Kaleo dogs”.

When the Constitution talks about rule of law, you talk about rule of Bagbin. When the Constitution talks about equality before the law, you say MPs under you are above the law, and cannot be arrested by the Police even if they are caught committing a crime. When the President and Ministers of State exercise Executive Powers enshrined under Chapter 8 of the Constitution, you sit in Parliament and purport to give a counter-directive. You even threaten that you can remove the President but he cannot remove you.

Even when the Judiciary, in whom the judicial power of Ghana is vested by the Constitution under Article 125, exercises that power and declares that an MP was not legally elected, you say to hell with the court/judiciary.. you say you will continue to recognize that “imposter Assin North MP”, and unfortunately, everybody including the Executive arm of government, with all the powers of the State [Police, Military, BNI, National Security etc) looks on helplessly while you take this country to ransom. Probably, they are waiting for you to declare yourself as life-president before they act.

Well, Ghanaians, being all-forgiving, are willing to pardon you for all these “sins” you have committed against the Republic. But, we are UNABLE to pardon your conduct of parliamentary business last Friday, November 26, when you purported to lead your partisan NDC Minority MPs to reject Government’s 2022 budget, and by extension, render this country UNGOVERNABLE. What at all did you think you were seeking to do? To bring this country to a complete SHUTDOWN? Have you sunk this low? My goodness!

Even in perpetuating this diabolic political mischief for your political party, you again made nonsense of the explicit provisions of the 1992 Constitution and Parliament’s own Standing Orders which mandate a Speaker to only put a question for a decision to be taken when at least more than half of all MPs are present. Certainly, you know that 137 is less than half of 275, but the NDC revolutionary cancer in you will not make you come to this appreciation.

Interestingly, in less than 24 hours after purporting to reject the 2022 “Adwenpa budget”, you are traveling to Dubai, with your wife and 3 others, at the expense of the poor taxpayer. What you have forgotten is that all your medical and traveling expenses are to be funded by the same budget you purported to reject. Wherein lies your principle Mr. Speaker? Remember the popular saying that the evil that men do, does not only live after them but also lives with them today and forever. I can assure you that Ghanaians will not allow you to destroy the Fourth Republican Constitutional democracy, which has served us well.

Assalamu alaik my northern brother.

Credit: Alhaji Iddi Muhayu-Deen

NB: Views expressed in the write up are solely that of the author. cannot be held liable for any contempt.



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