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OPINION: "MMDCE’s Must Take Centre Stage In The Campaign" - NPP-USA Columbus Chapter Secretary

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Following the President working visits nationwide, I have come to understand and realized that the NPP government led by the President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has done a lot for Ghanaians and the Metropolitan, Municipal, and the District Chief Executive must come out boldly using the traditional and social media platforms to further explain to Ghanaians about the good works and the massive development of the NPP government and the Presidency.

In as much as seemingly the district, metropolitan and municipal structures do not “permissively” allow these structures to be apolitical it is time the leadership of these structures take the centre stage to educate, publicize and substantiate claims of projects implemented within the decentralized structures.

Since they are the custodians of projects and programmes within the decentralization system, I would like to suggest strongly that the leadership take up these roles and begin to lead and take centre stage of the development agenda.

The MMDCES should take control of the media spaces available within their jurisdiction or beyond and tell the success story of the NPP and the Presidency followed by our communicators.

With these, community members and key stakeholders can attest the claims. This will also enhance the communication of the NPP as well as strength the claims and the evidence at the local level. Remember, the name of the game is “evidence based”.

Very key to this communication strategy is that Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) already serve as the principal representatives of the President at the local level.

It will also propel them towards accounting to their constituents and enhancing as well as depending the concept of electing the MMDCEs as the principal agents charged with the day-to-day administration at the district level.

They have first hand information on development and it will be appropriate for them to lead our media team to explain to Ghanaians the development of the government.

Some of the leadership at the MMDCES are contesting for MPs position; some as a result of laudable achievements and the MP position also occupied by opposition party while others are contesting as part of internal democracy.

On the grounds the achievements outnumbers projects intended to have been achieved. In these two scenarios you will see the selected PCs actively showing forth the achievements, intended projects and projected plans.

It surpasses to re-echo that either or as DCE or MCE or as Parliamentary candidate one of their core mandate is to talk about government projects and other achievements therefore, the urgency and opportunity for them to take the centre stage and do the government business as per their mandates.

They should remember that their inability to talk about the achievements of the government of the day risk their chance of retention as MCE or DCE or even as Parliamentary candidate.

This call for immediate action and the time to ACT is now or see yourself as contributing to loosing your position as DCE or MCE or even Chief Executive Officer of one of the governments arm wing.

As NPP political party we shouldn’t be complacent but start from all the media platforms as the Covid 19 have shown us how to do other forms of campaign through the electronic media.

We also have the opportunity to interact more with the private transport, Churches, Mosques, homes, Markets, stadia, Schools, etc.

We should remember the battle is the Lord and No complacency! Let’s win this election massively than the 2016! Let’s protect the Legacy of President Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP.

Let’s protect free senior high school, when it comes to GDP growth, we have performed better, One District one factory, Agricultural growth.

Industry growth, Interest rates, Creation of Jobs, Teacher Trainees Allowances, Nursing Trainees Allowances, Passport Application, Drivers License Application, Renewal of NHIS membership, No Dumsor, Cost of electricity, Abolishing VAT on financial services, Abolishing VAT on selected imported medicines, Abolishing VAT on Real Estate Sales, Abolishing VAT on domestic airline tickets.

Abolishing taxation of gains from the realisation of securities listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange, Abolishing levies imposed on Kayayei, Efficiency of clearing goods at the ports, Right to Information Act- we have performed better, Development in our Zongo communities, this is to mention but few.

The developments and achievements are massive. We have a lot to tell Ghanaians. Let’s Go out there and win souls ( votes) for the NPP!

This is the time to show the real achievements and not wait for President or Vice President or National Executives or Regional Executives or Constituency Executive. Act now!! Act swiftly to sustain the gains, yourself and the party that brought you to power.

NPP Kukrudu!!!!!!!!NPP all the way to VICTORY!!!!

Credit: Danny Opoku Antwi

NPP-USA Columbus Chapter Secretary

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