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OPINION: How To Go On A Peaceful 'Aworshia' Without Being Caught

Years back, to see two people in love sneaking into each other’s place to either visit or spend the night, would have been unheard of.

It was believed that the level of discipline parents gave their wards made it difficult for most of them to misbehave.

Aside meeting in schools, writing love letters and sometimes placing calls via land-line, it was a tough one for two individuals to enjoy their love .

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But over the years and with the involvement of technology, giving unlimited access to information and a generation of parents who are less strict on their children, there are now several ways to sneak to Bae’s place without being caught.

Hence the term, 'Aworshia'

'Aworshia' is a Ghanaian coined term for a male who goes to spend the night(s) at either a female friend or his lovers end.

Many have explained that although such behavior is unacceptable, it has become the new trend as guys go as far as staying months and years, feeling comfortable and enjoying their relationship(s).

But often times, the 'Aworshia' backfires when the guy happens to sneak into the house of the lady and gets caught.

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To survive an 'Aworshia' without being caught, here are the steps to follow:

1. Make sure her neighbors are asleep before you enter the house. (Do everything possible not to be seen entering)

2. Keep your phone on and ensure you speak to your trusted boys about your location. They are your back up!

3. As soon as you enter survey the place and look for an exit point should there be an emergency.

4. DONT SLEEP NAKED!!!!!!! Don’t!

5. Don’t sleep feeling too comfortable. Occasionally wake up to spy your immediate surroundings.

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6. Mind your posture anytime she picks her phone. This is not the time to be a Jon. You could be recorded.

7. Usually go on “salomey” wearing gym clothes. The next morning when you leave it is believed you are on your way to or from the gym.

8. If you drive, make a conscious effort to park away from your main location. If you can’t park away, park at your location and cover your car.

9. If any of her neighbors should see you more than once. He or she is a problem. Be the persons friend. Buy the person random gifts. By all means, win the person to your camp.

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10. Learn how to climb buildings, jump from top floors and how to drive fast. I would recommend Jackie Chan, Liam Neeson and Jason Statham movies.

With these ten carefully followed, "aworshia attendees are assured of a 99.9% peaceful trips.

Credit: Joshua Kwabena Smith