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OPINION: Fix Yourselves!!! Buy A Proper Bullion Van Else.....Government Tells Banks

If leadership is everything, then the effect is what we are seeing today. Total irresponsibility, shifting goalposts, and putting the cart before the horse.

A single-life loss is one too many. Any attempt to quickly rubbish or sweep things under the carpet must not be entertained.

Whatever the issues, we will never love another country more than ours. Yes, all hands must be on deck.

However, we must acknowledge there is a state of insecurity in Ghana. That is the issue on the table that needs to be addressed my dear Inspector General of police.

If people are talking about fix things, you don't through words back to them to fix themselves.

How can the poor mobile money vendor fix himself or herself when they are also being shot at. Do they also need a bullion van to dispense their money?

Armed robbers are attacking forex bureaus, traders are attacked at dawn on their way to the market, etc, do they need bullion vans to operate in?

Let's have the humility to accept how bad we have sunk and how we can come together and get things fixed.

Leadership must show the way and we don't need an intermediary or a contractor to do this. Low hanging fruits must not be plugged using a scaffold.

A word to the wise should be enough for those who hope to see the better days ahead !!!

Kun fa Yakun

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, Deputy Communications Director, National Democratic Congress

NB: cannot be held responsible for the words used in this peace. The words and views shared are the sole responsibility of the author.



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