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OPINION: Ask The Palm Kernel, The Strengthen Of The Monkey's Buttocks" - "Godwin Ako Gunn

I feel sad for individuals, or cabals, who think they can fight a formidable party like the NDC and win.

But I get more worried for those who pretend to be within yet are the system's enemy. The NDC is too strong for such individuals.

They first create the impression the NDC today is intolerant, the youth are disrespectful.

Sorry to disappoint you, when the time came for Jesus to release Judas, he did it with ease. He said go, for your time is due.

There are too many people who believe they are too big for the party. Some belong to the 'when we were we, where were you class'. Others belong to the class of sufferers who think it must be them but not others. If they decide to walk away, let them walk. If you beg a person to stay a little longer, your opponents *may* be at the corner singing hallelujah chorus.

Were you not worried, listening to the serialisation of the kwesi Botchwey report on a radio station in Accra? If what we heard was accurate, then know that it was an NDC person who sent it to them. The NPP or media doesn't sit in meetings with us. Count the number of times the national chairman has been in court in a case no one has owned up to its fabrication .

I have listened to some former appointees with pain and disappointment, attacking and lashing out our 2016, 2020 flag bearer, former and current party leaders with ease!!!

My position has always remained the same. If you ever feel your leader, your boss or your superior was not good enough, or incompetent, and you didn't resign, then please shut up!!! You were either a coward or an opportunist!!!

Those who have enjoyed the glory and honor of power all their lives, are destroying with their feet, and the hungry ones who have never tasted power are the defenders and building with their hands.

Seeing frivolous charges against hard working comrades of the party, who have helped achieve heights that the NPP will never achieve being hauled to the courts, with the recent one being Hon. Collins Dauda, I wonder how a comrade will wish evil for him!!!

Infact, if the palm wine tapper doesn't quit tapping, he will one day see the bones of a worm.

NDC was built with many hands, many of which never benefited a thing from their sweat. Some died poor, some are living with pain and regrets.

Kids of such disappointed people are reluctant to go the extra mile for the party, because they can see pain and rejection looking into the eyes of their parents.

If you have ever been at a privileged position, party or government. If you have ever benefited from the sweat of the masses, or you have ever been appointed to serve, COMRADE, kindly hold it in high esteem, many were called, but you were chosen. It doesn't make us better than the others.

Most importantly, *NEVER* push a comrade to the wolves to be devoured. I wonder how we rush to the media with lies and half truth about ourselves, and still call ourselves comrades.

No single person can ever destroy the NDC, in the same way, no individual can build this party single handedly. The role of the midfielders or strikers are as important as the defenders.

I stand with Hon. Collins Dauda and all those facing disgraceful charges in various courts. As a party, we live together, or die together. For the internal saboteurs, faceless and open detractors, first find out how the monkey cracks nuts with its ass.

Comrades, lets stay together in these difficult and trying times. We too, our time will come. When your time comes before me, I will be right there to give you a standing ovation. We can't all be on the same stage at the same time. Remember, there are better days ahead .

*Kun fa Yakun*

Credit: Godwin Ako-Gunn, Deputy Communications Officer, National Democratic Congress (NDC)

NB: cannot be held liable for the opinion shared. The write-up is solely utterances of the writer.



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