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OPINION: 65-year-old man marries an 11-year-old girl

Those kids are mostly from poor homes, so the deal is done in exchange for poverty amelioration.

No wealthy family will release their daughter for marriage at this tender age

It’s quite unfortunate that the young girl’s future, hopes, aspirations, life, and right to choose have all been taken away from her in such a disgusting manner.

Sadly, religion is the biggest problem in this part of the world and something needs to be urgently done about it.

Trending photos and videos on social media which have enraged a lot of netizens capture the moment an 11-year-old girl was handed over to her 65-year-old husband in the course of their marriage ceremony.

In the short disgusting videos, the young girl appeared sad while the man who’s old enough to be her great grandfather was in a jubilant mood.

I still don’t understand how the old man found the 11-year-old girl attractive enough to wife her.

Someone that is supposed to be watching cartoons and playing without having to worry about responsibilities; This world is just messed up.

Below are some reactions:

Credit: GHPage



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