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NLA Boss & Deputy Tour Western, Central Regions With Renewed Effort To Clamp Down Illegal Operators

Director-General of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) Sammi Awuku and his deputy, Anna Horma Miezah, have paid a familiarisation tour of the Western Region and Central Region operational offices.

The tour was for the Director-General and his deputy to learn at first-hand challenges associated with the work, including the welfare of the staff and how together they can perform and improve on a lot of the Authority.

The tour is also in tandem with the Director-General’s vision of rebranding lotteries in the country.

“We all will recall the euphoria associated with staking lotteries with the NLA and the associated prompt payment back then. I remember how people will be glued to their TV and radio sets waiting anxiously to hear the winning numbers. We want to bring that back. It is doable and we can do that through our collective efforts,” he charged the workers.

According to him, the National Lottery Authority is moving to a stage where it will become the Number One gaming company in Ghana.

But he decried how “the industry has been bedeviled with gross illegality” and made a solemn promise to “sweep them all out with your help”.

“We want to change the face of NLA. That is not in doubt because I know you are all with me. But we cannot do so when 70 percent of the work is done illegally. I want you to help me flush them all out. I want you to see the vision, move along with me and let’s take back what is rightfully ours. You know those behind the illegality. Help me deal with them and together we can enjoy the gains.”

Some of the workers took turns to explain how the fortunes of the NLA have dwindled over the years and promised to help with the restoration efforts.

For her part, Deputy Director-General Anna Horma Miezah said Ghana is losing millions of cedis due to the illegality in the system.

“Ivory Coast generates $580 million annually from their lotteries. Nigeria makes $3 million a day. Unfortunately, Ghana makes only $80,000 a day. This is due to the work of the illegal operators. That must change. And so this visit is to help us look at the leaks and deal decisively with them.”

She assured the workers that “we will give you the right motivation to go about your duties, especially in going after these illegal operators while embarking on an intensive sales drive to improve revenue”




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