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"Nana Addo I Beg, Don't Promise Again, Just List The Outstanding Promises For Us" - Godwin Ako Gunn

I heard a story about a religious sect who never vote nor promise. They hold their promise in high esteem. Promises are vows, you don't take them for granted.

I stood still when I saw a poster on a wall that read one district one factory and asked, will God take Nana Addo serious?

I am told the grounds have been broken for the commencement of a 111 district hospitals with the amount equivalent to some clinics without equipments. Fear the man who promises God and shamelessly plays hide and seek with him.

If he has promised a cathedral and has asked God to blame us ; the people he gave him who are not contributing to it !!! I am sorry for you, if you believe there are plans for a 111 hospitals.

Just last year, he promised the construction of 88 hospitals in a year and delivered nine... sorry *NONE* I mean !!!

It's obvious Nana Addo doesn't respect any promise he makes, not even to his wife. He stood before God on his wedding day to promise Rebecca his love that my wealth shall be your wealth, only to turn to Ghanians to share in that burden by giving her a salary so he can use his salary for other things.

He promised Ghanians free water and electricity during the electioneering period only to look into our faces after the elections saying " *E sweet you E sweet me , so who go pay? "*

Until we wise up as a people, King promise will come with aluminium chains around his neck to ask us of our gold!!!

Mr. Nobody only comes with slogans, but very hollow and nothing to show for!!! Let's be wise as the serpent, and see through his schemes of diverting attention from ongoing thievery and corruption. Get focused, there are better days ahead

*Kun fa Yakun*

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, Deputy Communication Officer, NDC

NB: Views expressed are solely the responsibility of the author. cannot be held liable for any contemptuous comment(s)



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