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"Mothers Do That To Ensure Phlegms Get Out" - Facebook User Schooled On Why Mothers Suck Baby's Nose

Some scores of female Facebook users have taken time to school a male user on why some mothers use their mother to suck phlegms from the nostrils of their babies instead of using tissue paper.

According to some comments from the female Facebook users, the mothers do that to ensure enough phlegm gets out of the child since he or she cannot sneeze out at such tender age.

The response from the female facebook users comes after a male user, whose name was given as Efo Sammy posted a question asking "How can a mother use the mouth she uses to eat to suck catarrh from her baby's nostrils? Tissue paper no dey?"

Responding to his post, Garnet RJ Smith said "You don't understand bcos you are not a mother so leave us alone ok"

Ohemaa Efya Nhyira Nkunim also said "Hwana nie"

Zenabu Bawa said "That's real love, not everyone can afford tissues. Besides tissues can't clear the mucus or thick phlegm from the child's nostrils, and not every child or baby can blow their noses to clear off the mucus in their nasal sinuses. When the mother sucks it clears out the phlegm from the baby's nostrils completely. You should be grateful for mothers who practice such to make their children comfortable. What do you think will happen to the child if the child is congested and can't breathe and the mother doesn't have any tissue to wipe the child's nose. Wiping phlegm off a nose is not the same as sucking phlegm from the nasal sinuses. Don't mock good nurturing"

Obaa Akua Asantewaah Berko added"I did for my baby coz I saw my mom do for my sister's baby. You will only understand when you become a mother (coz I've never seen a father or a man do that). There's nothing disgusting about that for me. It's my baby. Only hv to make sure my mouth is clean."

Emefa Ethel Ehia also added "There's a rational behind the use of the mouth on those fragile nostrils. You can easily blister the newborn or baby's soft nose during those early stages. The mouth helps to suck out the mucus without hurting the nose"

Some guys such as Elvis Oyeh, Anaesthetist Ba RJ and Evans Addo Tetteh also shared the same views with the ladies.

Elvis Oyeh said "You're just a child of yesterday"

Evans Addo Tetteh added "Be there and say tissue no dey, it saved u when u were a baby. How can babies blow their nose? When the catarrh is severe, I believe u've not thought about that. Admi shouldn't be allowing certain post on the page nonfa no adoso"

Anaesthetist Ba RJ also said "It might seem or sound weird but bruv, that's how far, some mothers can go just to make their kids feel ok. God bless mothers"

Below are screenshots of some replies:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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