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"Most Of Your So-Called Projects Were Stolen From Mahama Gov't, Private-Owned Organisations" - NDC

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) says it is disappointed in the Akufo-Addo government saying most of their so-called completed projects were stolen from the erstwhile Mills-Mahama Administration and private-owned organisations.

According to Sammy Gyamfi, apart from the hundreds of ghost (nonexistent) projects claimed by Dr. Bawumia and government’s delivery tracker as achievements, there are equally thousands of Mahama and private-owned projects that have been appropriated by the 419 Akufo-Addo government.

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Addressing the media at an NDC Meet-The-Press series, he said "However, for the sake of brevity, we shall cite a few verifiable examples to illustrate this point. Ongoing construction of 2No. 6-unit classroom blocks with auxiliaries, borehole, and 10-seated micro-flush toilet at Soronowse/Kwaedenden in the Tain District. This project was fully-funded and executed by the Rotary Club. Completed 3 unit classroom block at Abomayaw in the Asuogyaman District. This project was fully-funded and executed by “Pencil’s of Promise”, an NGO"

Mr. Gyamfi added a completed school block at Surveyline in Asuogyaman District was executed by “Pencil’s of Promise” and not the NPP.

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"Completed 3-unit classroom block at Tortibo in Asuogyaman District. This project was fully-funded and constructed yet again by “Pencil’s of Promise”, the same NGO. Completed 1No 6-unit classroom block at Elluokrom. This is a stolen project, as same was awarded and completed by the erstwhile Mahama government. Construction of 12 Lockable stores at Sefwi Debiso. This project was built by the NDC under the Mills administration"

The National Communications Officer further explained that a completed Conversion of Existing Ward to Theatre at Dadieso Hospital in the Suaman constituency was done by the Mahama administration and not the NPP.

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He hinted that the completion of health directorate bungalow at Sefwi Debiso in the Bia West Constituency was also a Mahama project yet the NPP was claiming ownership.

He said "Completed construction of 8-unit classroom block at Teong in the Tempane District. This school was constructed by the McDan foundation, an Non-Governmental Organization. Completed construction of Modern livestock market at Possum in Bawku. This project was funded and built by a group of NGOs (Action for Life, Air France and CLIP). Completed CHPS compound at Boadua and Topreman (Akwatia) - This is another NDC project executed under the Mahama regime. Completed 76-unit lockable stores at Asamankese – This is an NDC Project executed under the Mahama regime. Completed Rehabilitation of 3-unit classroom block at Ataaso (Kwahu West - Nkawkaw) – This project was executed by an NGO called Original Volunteers"

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Below are a list of completed projects under the NDC:

A. Yensiso Basic School Rehabilitation (Akuapem North) - This is an NDC Project executed under the Mahama government.

B. 2 Storey 40 Lockable Stores at Srodae(Ho Station - Koforidua)- This is an NDC project executed under President Mahama.

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C. Completed Rehabilitation of 3-unit classroom block at Camp-Nsabah (Kwahu West - Nkawkaw) – This project was done by an NGO called Original Volunteers.

D. Six (6)-unit classroom block at Aworodo in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency. This project was executed and completed by the Social Investment Fund, with Counterpart funding from the District Assembly under the Mahama administration.

E. Two new School Blocks at Breman Fawomanye. These projects were initiated and completed by the Mahama government.

F. Completion of a 6-Unit classroom block at Etsii Abakah. This project was commenced and completed by the Mahama government.

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G. Construction of a 6-unit Classroom Block at Breman Bedum. This project was commenced and completed by the Mahama administration.

H. Construction of a 3-unit classroom Block at Brakwa Eshiem. Again, this project was initiated and completed by the John Mahama government.

I. Electricity extension to Assin Donkorkrom, Assin Jerusalem, Assin Camp, Assin Bereku Ninkyiso, Assin Benuye, Assin Atwereboana, Assin Ankaa, Assin Yaw Atta, Assin Kurofofrodo, Assin Kedadwen, Assin Ahasowodze, Assin Aniakragya, Assin Attah Panyin, Assin Techiman, Assin Adu Kwaku and Assin Adabo Twumasi. All these electrification projects in the Assin North Constituency were initiated by the Mills/Mahama administration and completed by the year 2013.

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J. The reconstruction of the Essei Lagoon Bridge started in 2011 and completed in 2013.

K. Completed construction of 6-unit classroom block with ancillary facilities at Piiteng in the Wa West Construction. This is false, because this project was completed and handed over in June 2016.

L. Completed extension of Electricity at Poyentanga in the Wa West Constituency. This claim is a lie, because the Poyentanga Electricity extension was done in 2016, and since then, absolutely nothing has been added.

M. Constructed CHPS Compound at Chum - Lambussie District in the Upper West Region. This is another stolen project, because that facility was initiated by the NDC with funding from the 10% salary pay contribution by President Mahama’s appointees.

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N. Re-roofing of classroom block at Chapuri in the Jirapa Municipality, Jirapa. This project was fully sponsored by sons and daughters of Chapuri after every effort to get government support failed. The desperate attempt to claim credit for it is therefore unfortunate.

O. Completed 6-unit Classroom Block at the Akropong School for the blind. This is a daylight theft by government, because that project was constructed by the MTN Ghana Foundation.

P. What is even pathetic is that, boreholes, and mechanized water facilities that were fully-funded and executed by the Latter Day Saints Charities in 20 communities in the Sefwi Wiawso municipality such as Bosomoiso, Asawinso, Essakrom, Harunakrom, Kunumah, Aprompi, Brekuline, Abidjanline, Kojohunu, Attohkrom among others and communities in the Offinso North District such as, Akomadan, Nkenkaasu and Nkwankwaa, have all

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith