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"Money Can Buy Comfort Not Happiness" - Paedae

Member of Musical Group, R2Bees, Faisal Hakeem known in showbiz as Paedae(Omar Sterling) has revealed that although having money is good, it can only buy comfort and not happiness.

According to him, happiness is an inside job which he believes money cannot even pay.

In a tweet sighted by ThinkNewsOnline, Paedae said "Money can buy comfort no doubt but happiness NO. Happiness is an inside job"

The Musician urged his followers to look within themselves adding that it is free and accessible to all.

"I love you" he said.

Responding to his tweet, Big-Wolf who tweets with the handle @GbevuB said "Money doesn't come with fulfilment, fulfillment comes with content"

Another follower, Beno Sarkcess who also tweets via @BenopaOnyx1 also said "This guy en class de3 highest height oo😂"

The tweet has attracted 6,064 likes, 2,333 comments and retweets.

Below is a screenshot:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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