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Missing manhood: Multimedia staff nearly lynched [Watch]

A staff of Multimedia Group Limited, Samuel Asante Bosompim was nearly lynched for allegedly stealing someone’s manhood at Chorkor in the Greater Accra region.

According to the victim, he and a friend attended a funeral in the area and were returning home when a man approached and asked for directions.

Out of the blue, Bosompim said the man started shouting and accusing them of stealing his manhood.

“I attended a funeral at Chorkor when this incident occurred. We were just trying to find our way home when a man approached us for directions. Little did I know that it would escalate into such a terrifying ordeal” he recounted on Adom News.

Despite trying to explain that they had no ill intentions, angry mob subjected them to severe beatings and nearly lynched them.

“They accused us of a missing genital out of nowhere. Despite our attempts to explain ourselves, they didn’t listen. They started beating us mercilessly, and I feared for my life.” he cried.

Bosompim said his accuser was later taken to a location where he was forced to show his male organ as proof, and many witnesses confirmed that it was intact.

The distraught young man said he suffered injuries to his face, eyes, chest, ears and other parts of his body and sought treatment at Cocoa Clinic in North Kaneshie.

Credit: Adomonline



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