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LOCAL NEWS: Police Interrogate NDC Vice Chairman Over Weapons Distribution Claims

The Accra Region Police command is investigating the National ViceChairman of the largest opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Said Sinare over allegations that he has distributed weapons to some persons to cause mayhem.

The NDC stalwart was summoned by the police in the wake of a confession by the NDC constituency Chairman of Ayawaso North, Ahmed Tahiru that Alhaji Sinare had supplied guns to some youth to cause chaos during the upcoming elections.

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He is currently being interrogated by officials of the crime unit of the command.

The NDC constituency chairman reportedly presented an AK-47 and pump action gun to the police as evidence of the arms allegedly given by the NDC vice-Chairman to torment trouble.

In an interview, Alhaji Sinare said the action of the constituency chairman, who he claims had been his employee for eight years may be borne out of anger at being relieved of his position.

The Former Ambassador to Egypt under the erstwhile Mahama administration however denied culpability in the alleged plot to arm people with weapons with a view to fomenting trouble during the December elections.

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"He (Ahmed Tahiru) is the Ayawaso North Constituency Chairman. He is my boy and I groomed him. He is my employee, and he has been working for me for the past 8 years and I fired him exactly five weeks ago because of so many reasons. That blackmail will never work because I am a very clean person with a good track record. I am not going to cause mayhem anywhere, I have been preaching peace everywhere I go", he said.

"I don't own an AK-47. I don't even know where this guy got the AK-47 but the pump-action gun is my pump-action gun that has been registered. I reported to the police that my pump-action gun has been missing some few months back. I have got an extract of that report so at the end of the day I will be cleared because that guy, that constituency Chairman must be caught, and they must put him behind bars, and they must find out from him how he got the AK-47". he added.

Story by RodneyTsenuokpor


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