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LOCAL NEWS: Law Lecturer Expresses Disappointment At Special Prosecutor's Resignation

A Law Lecturer at the University of Florida, Prof. Kwaku Asare has expressed disappointment at the resignation of the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu.

According to him, the former anti-Corruption Czar should have resisted the urge to step down despite alleged political interference in his work.

Prof Asare, who is popularly known as Kwaku Azar said although the instances of interference in his work from higher authority were evident he still believes Mr.Martin Amidu could have stayed at the post to prove his commitment to the fight against corruption.

He is convinced a bit of restraint from the special prosecutor could have done the country a lot of good in its anti-corruption fight.

"I knew it was only a question of time until the pressure got the better of him. At the same time, I say I am disappointed and saddened because I don't think resignation under these circumstances is the best way out because when you read the letter, it is one where the Special Prosecutor feels his functions are being interfered with by the Presidency. I would expect an independent special prosecutor to stand his grounds and say that the taxpayer put me here to be an independent prosecutor to do my job; I am not going to allow anyone, including the president to interfere with my job and if I have found that I am no longer happy,I am going to do my work in terms of investigating, prosecuting and not allow anyone to push me out".

"If you have seen wrongdoing and your response is to run away from the wrongdoing, then you are not doing the people's task because the people anticipated that some of these wrongdoings will occur and when they do occur, they expect you to fight", ProfAzar decried.

Mr. Martin Amidu tendered his resignation to preside Akufo-Addo on Monday,16 November 2020, accusing the president of interfering with his work.

But for prof. Kwaku Asare, the resignation of Martin Amidu though not shocking is not only one that is sad but also disappointing, given the controversies that surrounded the operationalization of the office of the special prosecutor.

"I wouldn't say I am surprised although I will say I am both saddened and disappointed. I am not surprised because the frustrations of the Special prosecutor over the years have been palpable ". he said.

Story by: Rodney Tsenuokpor



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