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LOCAL NEWS: Final Date For Reopening of All Basic Schools, SHS, And Universities In Offing

Since the virus crossed the borders of Ghana, the president has been always updating the country on the issues of covid-19 and some measures taken against the spread of the corona virus.

This would be the 21st time the president is addressing the country and Ghanaians are ready to hear the next step taken against the spread of the coronavirus since it’s not out of the country.

Recently, the number of recorded active cases, that is persons with the virus, was in decline, with the statistics pointing to the fact that the people were on the path towards defeating the virus, but it seems we are wrong, In recent weeks, however, we have observed a gradual change in the trajectory of the virus, with an increase in active cases.

The total number of confirmed cases of covid-19, number of recoveries, and the number of deaths associated will be announced as usual.

Parents and students really don’t know when schools are resuming due to the deadly coronavirus, some parents are also fear of what could happen if they allow their children to schools, the minister of education told Ghanaians in one of his Nation’s address that reopening of schools will be revealed by the president at the end of the month of December, we all alert to hear whether the president would consider giving Ghanaians the final date of reopening of all schools, that’s from primary to the tertiary level and the measures that would be putten in place to avoid the spread of the virus within the students.

The transmission of the virus has been limited but it not out of the country, to reduce the risk of transmission, citizens are advised to abide by the following measures:

Frequently clean hands by applying an alcohol-based hand rub or washing with soap and water.

When coughing and sneezing, cover the mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue; if used, throw the tissue away immediately and wash hands.

If experiencing a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or any other symptoms suggestive of respiratory illness, including pneumonia, call emergency services before going to the doctor or hospital to prevent the potential spread of the disease.

Source: Broadcastghana.com