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LIFESTYLE: Man Born Hermaphrodite

Meet 32-year-old, Mr. Brown who lives in the Eastern Region of Ghana and was born with both male and female reproductive organs, a rare medical condition named hermaphroditism.

According to Mr. Brown, he grew up with the confusion on whether he was a male or female.

At age 20, Mr. Brown decided to be a male because he felt his male organ was performing better than the female organ.

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During a visit to the medical laboratory for tests, it was revealed that his male hormones performed better than the female ones, which made him decide to undergo a surgical procedure to seal the female organ.

But due to discrimination and stigmatization, he was psychologically distressed, he had no option than suicide.

Mr. Brown abandoned his education due to shame and humiliation from his colleagues.

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He has however learned how to sew from a good Samaritan and in 2014 a doctor offered to perform surgery on Brown to remove the female organ, but the series of all four surgeries went wrong, leaving him in severe pain.

Currently, Mr. Brown is scheduled for another medical procedure worth GHc30,000 to correct the previous ones but he lacks the funds and needs assistance from anyone who can help.

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The 32-year-old hopes that one day he would start a family, experience love and acceptance.

Watch video below:

Story by: Bervelyn Henrietta Allotey