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LIFESTYLE: Adum ADB Gari And Beans Tops List Of Best Food Joint With The Longest Queue In Kumasi

With food being very important to the life of man, so is the location at which It is sold. Many say food in Kumasi is not expensive as compared to the Greater Accra and some other regions in the country.

However, it is emerging that 'Adum ADB Gari and Beans' a popular food joint has topped as the best food joint in the Ashanti Region.

Although others have argued, some checks reveal the Adum Gari and Beans is second to none.

Where do you buy your food, and do people patronize it that much to queue up for hours just waiting for their turns?

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Below is a list of some food joints in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region with unarguably the longest queue.

Check the list below:

1. Adum ADB gari and beans - the queue there is longer than US visa applicants..

2. Efie Fufuo Patasi - over there, apotowia size and queue reflects the buyer..

3. Adum Vodafone TZ - it's a battle of silver nkyensin by broke civil servants..

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4. Bantama night waakye - you are likely to abused in that queue because it mostly bought as hangover first aid..

5. Amansie chop bar - queue is made up of those who don't buy foko..kasa tintin nkoaa..

6. Patasi paparazzi grilled tilapia - the queue is mostly by tirimud3 side chicks with no mercy and they points to the biggest tilapia as if..

7. Danyame kenkey - fleet of parked taxis reflects queuing drivers who chop into their car owners accounts..

8. Kwadaso Estate fried pork - after drinking their nkwasea akpeteshie, that's the only place where shouting to place an order is queued...

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9. Adum post office waakye - queue is mostly by bankers who slip takeaway into briefcases..bypass them and they will bypass you in the banking hall..

10. Atta Barima Fried Rice - chief food for EIB staff...corporate pickups parked everywhere..nipa baako tumi y3 takeaway 10 at once..

11. Maranatha Fast food Near Adum Prisons --- Banker and staff joint. They send NSS personnel to order in sacks.

When next you find yourself in Kumasi, make a stop at any of these joints and give yourself, a good treat.

Source: News Desk Report