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"Let Us Establish A Better Governance As The Basis For A Better Ghana" - Tsatsu Tsikata

Celebrated Ghanaian Lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata has challenged the Akufo-Addo Administration to establish a better governance as the basis for a better Ghana despite the current economic crisis, social unrest and political disaffection.

According to Mr. Tsikata, once the country's institutions starts working effectively and not party members, it will help contribute to better governance.

Speaking at the John Evans Atta Mills 10th Anniversary Commemorative Lecture in Accra on Tuesday, he said "At this critical time in our nation’s existence, at this time of economic crisis, of social unrest and political disaffection, President Mills, as the standard-bearer of integrity, beckons us all to establish a better governance as the basis for a BETTER GHANA."

"Better governance is about making our institutions work effectively and not just for our party members. It is also not about coveting power for an individual or for the party"

"It is about serving the whole polity. That is what President Mills meant by being a President for all and not just for members of his party"

"I quote some further words of his in that June 18 2008 speech at the IEA which have a chilling resonance:

“is it not ironical that 7 or 8 years is long enough to make some elected officials and their families fabulously wealthy and yet they say 8 years is too short a time to solve problems of poverty for the generality of the masses?”

Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata reminded the youth to make a foundation of integrity the bedrock of a nation-building.

"The youth recognize starkly that their current existence and their prospects for the future are jeopardized by the lack of integrity in our nation, by leaders who frankly have less of a stake in the future that lies ahead, but who make fulsome promises for electioneering purposes"

"Today, President Mills’ integrity, his good judgment, his wisdom can still guide us in making the right decisions to ensure, for instance, that the oil and gas sector can be a driver of national development and well-being of all Ghanaians and not a source of corrupt personal enrichment"

He used the memory of Late President Mills to call attention to the fundamental need for integrity in public life, politics, and those who seek or hold leadership positions.

"I believe that we pay a heavy price for our failure to insist on integrity as a necessary qualification for those who seek high office"

The Celebrated Lawyer further stressed that it is unfortunate how poeple in government have shut their eyes to corruption when it is from their party.

He further noted that it has led to the lack of moral authority to confront corrupt practices by others. 

He reminded the gathering that Late President Mills built on his personal integrity to deliver leadership success and initiate the 'Better Ghana' agenda.

"He showed that integrity mattered to deliver economic benefits because it is the integrity deficit that regularly gets translated into fiscal deficits"

Mr. Tsikata praised Late President Mills for being effective in delivering on governmental goals because of his integrity.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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