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Lady Gets 21 Job Offers 3 hrs After Graduating

Hillary Nzilani was living an ordinary life until yesterday when she posted lovely photos in her graduation gown.

She had been a student at the Mighty University of Nairobi for 5 years and admits she even struggled to secure a spot for her internship.

The graduate of Economics and Statistics claims she got more than 21 job offers as soon as she uploaded photos on her social media platforms. "At first I thought the offers were pranks because most were from relatives and neighbors who were congratulating me despite the fact that we hadn’t talked for years. Then came an avalanche of employment offers from serious corporate CEOs in Large as well as Medium Sized businesses" Nzilani told Flame Tv Reported Robert Mogoi. While pressed to list some of the companies that offered her employment, she said she won't name them as she fears ruining her chances with the huge corporates. She also admits the offers come with heavy perks and allowances.

"Once I attend interviews and am absorbed into one of the companies, I will get back to you and give thanks publicly. For now, let me keep my fingers crossed and keep praying€ she said.




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