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Immigration Officer saves two Police Officers from near death attack at Sefwi-Wiawso

Information reaching indicates that an officer with the Ghana Immigration Service has saved the lives of two Police Officers from near death attack at Sefwi-Wiawso.

According to sources, on Saturday, 13th May 2023 at about 0900hrs, AICO II Nurudeen Abul-Ganiew Takra, stationed at the Western North Immigration Regional office rescued two Police officers in uniform who were under attack from unknown young man at the Anglican Church Park in Sefwi Wiawso in the Western North Region.

It is emerging that AICO II Nurudeen reported to the office that he was returning home from town when noticed some commotion around the Anglican Church Park near the Wiawso District Police Stations.

He became curious and approached the scene and saw a police officer in the rank of Inspector laying unconscious on the ground and a corporal under attack with AK 47 rifle on the ground.

He noted that before he could get closer the attacker clubbed the corporal on the head and he also fell unconscious.

With both officers on the ground and onlookers scared to get closer, the attacker was embolden to attempt to pick the rifle to cause more havoc but Nurudeen was quicker to pick the AK 47.

The attacker advanced violently towards Nurudeen with a pestle.

Sensing danger, he fired a warning shot but the attacker did not retreat and kept advancing and actually attempted to hit him with the pestle.

With extreme caution, because the crowd was building up, he shot the attacker’s right thigh to immobilize him.

The noise and commotion attracted a number of people including Police Officers to the scene who assisted to arrest the attacker.

The items retrieved from him include a sharp knife, locally made catapult, and a pestle which he used to attack his victims.

It was later gathered, that the two Police officers whose names are not yet known were detailed to respond to a distress call from worshippers from the Anglican Church.

It was reported that an unknown person entered the church and attacked the worshippers inflicting knife wounds to two members.



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