"I've Total Confidence In The New Educational Curriculum" - Peter Boateng (VIDEO)

The Regional Secretary of Greater Accra, GNAT, Peter Boateng says he is confident the new educational curriculum will help build better students in the country.

According to him, although he has total confidence in the new curriculum, he is also calling for the necessary logistics which will help in teaching and learning to be provided.

Speaking exclusively to Thinknewsonline.com, Mr. Boateng said "I've total confidence in the new curriculum provided the needed logistics are released to the teachers"

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Touching on the newly introduced standardized test for basic 4 students, Mr. Peter Boateng said "I support it at every level. You and I know the old format where the pupils will have to progress to JHS 3 before he or she is made to write an exam but in other places, the case is different. The child is given the opportunity for their pulses to be tested before they face the real deal"

He stressed that if Singapore has been able to succeed with such a standard of education, he believes, introducing it to the Ghanaian child will help broaden his or her knowledge.

"During my days in Form 1, some students tried their luck on the Common Entrance exams and they made it so it becomes a waste of resources for the person to go through the academic period. 6 Form was for 2 years, some complete their 'O' level, stay at home for a year before they write the private exam and further their education"

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He added that the new educational policy will give room for intellectual talents to be tapped among the pool of children.

The Regional Secretary further explained that the new educational policy will not put pressure on the school children.

"No! When we talk about examination, it's not all about written exams, we call project work. In other parts of the world, class 1 children are made to do some projections on what they want to become. When training the children, we consider three things; cognitive domain development, affective domain development, and psychomotor domain development" he noted.

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Mr. Boateng hinted that despite the covid crisis, teachers will ensure that they give out their best in nurturing great talents.

He cautioned teachers about the upsurge of the covid pandemic adding that they should ensure that the protocols are observed.

He noted that although teachers are exposed to the covid pandemic, he is appealing to appropriate authorities to provide teachers with the requisitive PPEs.

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Watch the video below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith