"I Never Asked Pope Skinny To Return His Car, I Don't Have Any Beef With Him" - Shattawale Confirms

President of Shatta Movement (SM), Charles Nii Armah Mensah, known in showbiz as Shattawale has confirmed that he does not have any personal problems with Rapper, Pope Skinny as speculated by some media outlets in the country.

According to Shattawale, he was amazed and surprised Rapper Pope Skinny returned a car he gave him adding that he does not remember asking him to do so.

Speaking on an Accra-based television station, Shattawale said "It was my cousin who had offended me and out of anger, I asked him to pack the car. I was shocked Pope Skinny took an issue between I and my brother personal and acted that way"

He added that per the level of friendship they had built, he (Shattawale) till today cannot fathom how such an issue between two brothers has led to a division between himself and another Artiste.

He said "I met Pope Skinny through a friend. We have been through a lot and he knows stuffs about me. But the fact that my cousin has told you I was angry at him does not mean, go on Twitter and post false stuffs about me. This is the least I expected from Pope Skinny"

Shattawale also revealed that due to his good humanitarian nature, Pope Skinny even after parting ways with him cannot stop poking his nose into his affairs.

Shattawale said "Pope Skinny was my Okyeame. We were once friends. I dare him to come out and tell the world what I have done to him. It is my brother I was 'beefing'"

President of the SM Family also lamented that actions by Rapper Pope Skinny were needless and unnecessary.

"I can swear with water that I have done nothing to Pope Skinny" he added.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith