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"I Killed My Sister, Used Many Girls’ Womb For Rituals; They Can’t Give Birth" - Sakawa Boy

A repented guy, withholding his name, for now, shares his heart-touching story of how friends lured him to sacrifice his younger sister for money rituals and destroyed a lot of girls' wombs.

According to the guy’s confession, he was into fraud when his friends misled him to see ritualist as a way of getting clients who will make him a lot of money.

He began his story by narrating how he found himself at the premises of the ritualist, since he was high on drugs, he couldn’t recall what happened initially but then, he witnessed the water goddess appearing physically in the form of an alligator with three heads.

Fast forward, he was made to hand over some papers to the water goddess and did all the needed sacrifices, after he had already sacrificed his sister without his notice.

Later along the line, her sister was diagnosed with a spoilt liver and needed a transplant which costed a huge sum of money more than he had. “If the devil wanna take precious stuff from you it gives you things that you can’t pay the price.” He advised. No matter what I did I couldn’t raise the money and all my friends told me they were using their money for projects and that was the end of my sister’s life!!! ‘Ohemaa wherever you’re may your soul rest in peace.” He said out of sorrow.

Just as he was assured by his friends after the sacrifices, a certain Turkish client of him, who has deactivated his account has already texted him telling he wants to send him £200,000. He then started making money and enjoying life as assigned to the sacrifices by the ritualist. The sad aspect was that the said ghost of his younger sister kept tormenting him everywhere he goes.

As a result, he found himself at Chad, where he was told there was a certain man known for tying a ghost over there. “The ritualist in Chad did everything and told me not to worry I won’t see the ghost again but I should come back with some human parts which I would get some at Chad in five months' time.” He said. Another shocking disclosure made by him concerning his visit to the ritualist was that any lady he sleeps with automatically loses the womb and won't be able to bear a child.

According to him, he slept with countless ladies who he can’t even recall. This implies that those ladies can’t give birth again based on ritualist conditions. Coming to conclusion, he ended up in the hospital after a fatal accident that almost took his life with his legs broken. It took the intervention of a certain Pastor and church members who prayed for him and helped him financially.

“The Pastor saw me and told me straight forward I have some evil deeds which is reflecting on me with suffering till I confess there’s nothing to be done.”

He said as he later confessed everything to the man of God to get salvation. Shockingly, all his accounts were blocked after his fatal accident whilst in Hospital bed. Also, the Turkey client he was given on Facebook, don’t exist no more to his surprise.'

“The Range Rover I bought was indulged in a massive accident where I couldn’t even repair it!!! The remaining money I had on hold was blocked.” He revealed.

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