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"I Had Sex With My Aunty’s Husbee Before They Got Married" – Woman

A 24-year-old Ghanaian lady who for security reasons pleaded to be anonymous has revealed how her uncle forcibly had sexual relations with her.

When she was about 17 years old and in secondary school, he kept persuading her into having sex with him but she refused. After his persistence, she allowed him to lick her private part.

In an interview with Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii, she said, “Ever since the incident, my aunty’s husband irritates me and cannot even look me in the eye.

"The mere sight of the man irritates me and I always feel guilty whenever I remember the incident because my aunty has been good to me.”

Now 24-years-old, she is single and relies on masturbation to satisfy her sexual needs because of her dislike for men now.

The young lady went on to add that she is tired of living such a life and wants to stop masturbating but finds it very difficult to do so.

Credit: Happyghana



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