I Am Disappointed In Ghana Education Service; Must Abenah Serwaah Mankosa Be Treated This Way?

I am very disappointed in Ghana Education Service over what they have made Madam Abena Serwaah Mankosa go through in these last few days.

What happened to patting someone at the back for coming up with a great idea and implementing it?

I feel sad as a Ghanaian sometimes when people look down on others while they do nothing when they expected to?

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So out of her will she sort to paint, sew school uniforms, nose mask and provide the caterers in the school with plantain and eggs for the kids and she gets backlashed?

I have personally been following her on Facebook and I must say, these little gestures are worth emulating.

I have come to realize that the little gestures from Abenah have motivated the pupils to go to school everyday.

If we are to speak the truth in this country, what is the educational situation in most remote areas in the country? Very poor, most children do not even go to school since they have to walk for miles to and from school.


This young girl in her own thoughts believes painting the class, sewing uniforms, nose mask and the eggs will make the less privileged children to not only come to school but also be motivated to study hard.

When I heard the news about GES looking at sanctioning her, I asked myself, are these Authorities doing the right thing, did the girl's actions expose them?

It is however a shame for her to go through such an ordeal.

What in God's name is happening in this country?

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I hope and pray that she gets a call up to teach in a private school in the country.

Credit: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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