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HOMOWO: “May This Year’s Festive Season Unite Us As One People” – King Tackie Tsuru II (Videos+Pics)

The Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II says he is confident, this year’s Homowo celebration will bring peace and unity among the various clans in the Ga State.

According to him, without peace, the good people of the Ga State cannot come together as one family.


Addressing Journalists at this year’s Homowo celebration, the Ga Mantse said “I congratulate the good people of the Ga State. It is my hope and prayer that this year’s festivity unite us as one people in the Ga State”

“I, on behalf of the various sub-chiefs, commence the celebration of Homowo in the Ga State. I am also appealing to the gods to guide and guard us”


The Ga Mantse further added that he is hopeful this year’s celebration brings more blessings and progress in the lives of the citizenry.

“May the gods of the land come to our aid and ensure that this year’s occasion is filled with blessings, progress, and bring peace to the Ga State,” he said.

The Ga Mantse also seized the opportunity to advise the populace to adhere to the covid-19 protocols.

He added that disregarding the protocols will leave the Ga State and nation at a huge risk.


The Ga Mantse, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, and his kinsmen toured some royal homes, sprinkling the traditional meal ‘kpokpoi’ at doors-steps, homes, and on the streets as customs demands.

The four-hour tour saw the Ga Mantse engage and pray for the citizenry as he sprinkled the kpokpoi at their doorsteps.


The citizenry could not hide their joy as they hailed and wished the Ga Mantse success in his Kingship.

Below are videos and some pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

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