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“He Is A 52-Year-Old Punk But His Impressive Music Skills Attracted Me” - 23-Yr Old Laura Recounts

23-Year-Old, Laura has revealed that although her 52year old boyfriend, David is a punk, his impressive music skills attracted her to him.

According to her, although it sounds weird, she has been dating David for the past 19 months.

She said “It was love at first sight. It was David’s impressive music skills that first attracted the attention of me. I was at a record fair and came across David’s punk band”

Laura added that upon their first interaction, she found him interesting adding that immediately she sent David a friend request.

“David never told me his age and I also never told him my age. It didn’t cross any of our minds to ask each other. We were both enjoying our moment. Shantel moved in with David in January last year. David asked me to move in with him, he wrapped a house key going down on his knees like a proposal asking me to move in” Laura recounted.

Laura further revealed that since she could no longer hide the relationship, she decided to tell her family about it.

She said “My mom had few ups and downs about it and still warming up to it. David met my family. He showers me with gifts and try to reassure my family not to have any reservations.

The couples have received harsh comments on social media, as some think that since David is loaded, Laura wants to capitalize and milk him dry.

However, Laura has clarified that her boyfriend is not loaded adding that their relationship is a real one.

She also noted that she genuinely loves David no matter who he is.

David on the other hand thinks the tiny challenge his relationship will have is when he is far from his woman adding that he will feel lonely.

For Laura, because of the age gap she wants to spend as much time as she possibly can with David.

Although having children is not on their minds as for now, the love birds says they doubt they will be having any.

Laura and David are happy together and it seems nothing is going to break their relationship.

Story by: Sweetie Muriel Baisie