Ghana Drunkards Association Unhappy About 'Nationwide' Shortage of Club Beer

The Ghana Drunkards Association says it is unhappy about what it calls a 'nationwide' shortage of club beer, a product of the Accra Brewery Limited (ABL).

According to the Association, the said shortage is adversely affecting the the drinking habit of its members who consider the beverage as one of their favorite.

In a communique issued by its President Moses Onyah known by many as Dry Bone, it said "We, the members of the Drunkards Association of Ghana wish to register our displeasure in connection to what appears to be a 'nationwide' shortage of club beer. It is of great concern to our members why Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) producers of arguably one of Ghanas finest beer and one of our major stakeholders has been silent on the shortage without any communique to our Leadership and cherished members"

The Association says it is calling on the Management of ABL without further delay to explain circumstances that led to the shortage.

The Association further added that the silence by the Management of Accra Brewery Limited has been considered disrespectful to its members.

"In view of this, we are appealing to all members to exercise maximum restrain as their grievances have been noted, as plans are underway by National Executives to meet management and the outcome of the said meeting shall be communicated soon"

"Long Live Ghana, Long Live members of our dear Association"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith