Funny Face Needs Urgent Help Else Depression Will Eventually Kill Him

Some concerned Ghanaians are raising legitimate reasons why Funny Face needs urgent help to beat the depression he is dealing with and I actually support this laudable call.

Many who have come into contact with the viral video where the actor-musician was being manhandled by the police, believe his psychological health has been damaged.

Funny Face has been in the news for the past years for all the bad, sorry, and sometimes heartbreaking reasons. From his failed marriage to the loss of his wife to the separation of his children from his end, the “Chorkor Trotro” prodigy is certainly not in a stable situation.


Interestingly, social media has become his only point of call when he is unable to deal with the mental and emotional weights he has brought on himself. Clearly, this “police issue” has worsened his mental health and Ghana may just lose a star.

In his video, Funny Face said he was beaten and showed his swollen face as a shred of evidence. Ghanaians on social media while chastising the personnel of the Ghana Police Service for acting unprofessionally is yet calling for immediate support for Funny Face.

One does not need to be a health professional to deduce even from a distance that Funny Face is clearly not in a stable frame of mind. His demeanor, speech, and overall appearance suggest that there are issues that are taking away his happiness, his charm, and even his beauty…something is not going well.


What Funny Face needs amongst other things to reset his life are thorough psychological coaching, therapy, isolation from the public [preferably travel out of the country], a massage, and a hot bath [I’m not trying to be sarcastic here]. Ghanaians need to come together to help Funny Face, he needs it.

You can’t be a comedian who brings happiness and tears of joy to the lives and faces of people while your life sucks…where you are constantly wallowing in pain, depression, anxiety, and an endless cycle of self-inflicting drama. It has to end.



Credit: Journalist Albert