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Four Chinese illegal miners disappear in police custody, leaving six Ghanaians to stand trial

In a surprising twist during proceedings at the Sefwi Wiawso Court, ten individuals who were called to stand before Judge Magistrate Eric Baah Boateng turned to six.

The court learned from prosecutor George Asante Doi that the four Chinese nationals had tragically perished while in police custody.

The ten individuals, consisting of six Ghanaians and four Chinese nationals, had been apprehended by the Forestry Commission several months earlier for engaging in illegal mining activities.

They had since been remanded in police custody, awaiting further legal action.

However, the absence of the Chinese defendants prompted inquiries from the judge.

In response to the judge’s queries, the prosecutor revealed the grim news of the four Chinese nationals’ deaths.

Judge Magistrate Eric Baah Boateng has demanded tangible evidence confirming the demise of the Chinese nationals at the next court session.

The cause and circumstances surrounding their deaths remain undisclosed, prompting a deeper investigation.

The sudden loss of the four Chinese nationals has raised concerns about the conditions of their detention and the accountability of the authorities involved.

As the case progresses, the court awaits concrete evidence to unravel the circumstances surrounding this tragic turn of events.

Story by: Bernice Adjei Kodie



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