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Foreign Diplomats Join Forestry Commission To Mark Green Ghana Day (Video + Pictures)

Thirty-Three (33) Foreign Diplomats on Friday, June 11, joined the Forestry Commission to mark this year's Green Ghana Day in Accra.

The beautiful event brought under one umbrella High Commissioners and representatives from Britain, Colombia, Togo, South Africa, Mexico, Holy City of Vatican, Canada, Morrocco, Senegal, Rwanda, European Union, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Palestine, Spain, Italy, Mali, Zambia among others.

Addressing the gathering, Deen of the Diplomatic Corp, Her Excellency Turbay Quintero "I am really happy to be with you today on behalf of the people of Colombia and the Diplomatic corp. We greet the President of Ghana, President Akufo-Addo, and congratulate him on such a wonderful and great initiative. This is not only for the nation, Ghana but strengthening the potential of Africa to the world"

She added that the Foreign Diplomat joined the Green Ghana Day celebration to support the initiative, strengthen the diplomatic relationship, and also help in making lives sustainable.

Ambassador Turbay Quintero said "Today, we are 33 and we came to plant or seedlings knowing it will become a big beautiful healthy tree. We are here also to express the solidarity with the people of Ghana and Africa ad we want you to understand that we are with you for a greener Ghana and greener Africa"

She commended President Akufo-Addo for setting high standards for Ghanaians adding that the Foreign Diplomats will not relent on their decision of making Ghana and Africa greener"

Speaking to some Journalists at the event, British High Commissioner to Ghana, Ian Walker lauded the Forestry Commission for the great initiative and urged all to get involved in the exercise.

Speaking on illegal mining, he said "I think Galamsey is a social issue which needs to be stopped"

In an exclusive interview with, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Forestry Commission, John Allotey said "I am happy with the turnout of events. I was told it rained in Takoradi this morning but they were able to organize the event. About 7 million seedlings are out there. This is one positive initiative that has improved the landscape as we are adding to what we already have. We are also inculcating in the youth on the need to protect the environment. they will learn how to plant trees and protect them"

He added that most of the seedlings planted today were sourced from the districts where the activity is being held adding that it will help create jobs for the unemployed living there.

He further stressed that the idea to use seedlings from the same districts will help improve the local economies of the populace there.

"We set ourselves to develop these seedlings, find lands, and then start mobilizing Ghanaians. I am happy to report that we have achieved massive results from the Ghana Education Service and the school children, Diplomats, Chiefs, Religious Organisations and people from political board supporting this project"

Mr. Allotey hinted that during the year, his outfit will come out with programs to monitor, develop more seedlings and plant more trees.

He also clarified that the 'Green Ghana' initiative is not a one-day project as speculated by some Ghanaians.

"One special tree! We will love to plant more than one. Sir John deserves more than one. One is too small. I met Sir John and the man planted so many trees. Look at the number of people he helped employ and if each one of them is planting a tree, we will get 60,000 trees, so Sir John deserves better. One tree is not enough. We will be planting everywhere in his name and we know the trees which he planted. We will protect them and we will come back and say, Sir John was here and he led the need to plant trees so Sir John deserves more than one and we will give him all the recognition"

The exercise was held at the Achimota Park of the Forestry Commission.

Watch the video below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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