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“Evicting Tenants Without Tangible Reasons Can Lead To Jail Term” - Rent Control Warns Landlords

The Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) for the Rent Control Department of Ghana, Emmanuel Hovey Kporsu has sent a strong warning to Landlords/ladies across the country saying evicting tenant(s) without tangible reasons can amount to a jail term.

According to him, such unprofessional behaviours are an offence under the laws of the country.

Mr. Emmanuel Hovey Kporsu said “The landlord has no right to order any tenant out of their house, even if the rent expires. Even if the tenant willingly gives you notice that they’ll vacate soon, you don’t have the right to sack them”

The P.R.O further added before such actions are taken, Landlords/ladies must first inform the Rent Control Department of Ghana adding that they(Rent Control) are the only entity mandated by law to deal with such issues.

“It’s either the rent control officer or the magistrate who has the right to do so. On the basis that an offense has been committed, [you can report] and then we’ll investigate and if truly an offense has been committed, we can order the tenant out of the house” he said.

Story by: Magdalene Maame Abena Serwaa Asante