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“Enough Of Your Repudiation, We Deserve Better” – Holiday Inn Hotel Staff To Management

Some aggrieved staffs of Holiday Inn Hotel in Accra are calling on Authorities in the Hospitality Industry to come to their aid adding that they can no longer endure the unfair and ill-treatment meted on them by their Management.

According to the workers, although having a secured job and being satisfied is an important factor in every individual’s life, most of them have been denied their simple human rights.

In a Facebook post sighted by, a Chef at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Kwaku Amponsah said “Today, staff of Holiday Inn Accra Airport Hotel, one of the key players in the hospitality industry have been repudiated their human right”

He added that most staff were sent home on April 1 this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic but still have not been paid their monthly salaries.

Chef Amponsah also added all efforts to get the attention of management for the settlement of the pending issues has not yielded any positive results.

“Just before this COVID-19 break, there were constant delays in paying of wages, income disparities, lack of labour contracts, poor medical care and the deteriorating working conditions over the years has set the stage for increased levels of labour unrest” he noted.

Another Chef at the Holiday Inn Accra Airport Hel, Ethan Hunt took to Facebook and said “Over the past few years, thus 3-4 now, there has been delay of salaries, working equipments too aren’t sufficient, whiles most workers have been denied medical care in certain instances”

He stressed that the pain and hardship from management led to the death of a colleague who was denied medical care.

Chef Hunt also revealed that management are aware of the difficulties they are facing but they seem unconcerned.

“Some hotels such as Best Western Premiere Hotel, La Palm Royal Beach among others have settled their staff with the payment of their two months salaries. From April to June, no staff of Holiday Inn Hotel has been paid and this is very appalling” he fumed.

In what seems to be a response from Management of Holiday Inn Hotel in a purported Facebook post which went viral, it said “During our Durbar held on March, 2020, I informed all attendees of the closure of Holiday Inn Hotel due to Covid-19 and the inability to pay staff”

The statement further added that an appeal was made to government through the Ghana Hotels Association (GHA) for relief and assistance to help staff redraw monies from their Providence Fund.

The statement also revealed that after 2 months, the Management of Holiday Inn Hotel agreed to give each worker GHc500 as s 'gift' but the staff say they are yet to receive such an amount of money.

The aggrieved staff says if the appropriate authorities do not intervene, they will stand up for themselves and reclaim what is due them at all cost.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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