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ELECTION 2020: "We Came In For 2 And We Got 2" - Peter Otukonor

The Deputy General Secretary of the largest opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), Peter Otukonor says he is happy the party chose the number 2 slot on the ballot sheet during the balloting process at the Electoral Commission office in Accra.

According to him, the number 2 slot signifies the second coming of the party adding they are posed for power.

Addressing Journalists in Accra, Mr. Otukunor said "The outcome was just what the party had been praying for. We are very happy about the number that we have picked. In actual fact, that was what we were expecting. We came in for 2 and we got 2. It’s the second coming of JM and you know what it means,”

He added although he is unhappy about some circumstances surrounding the balloting exercise, he is hopeful that victory will be for the party. “When we talk about the second coming, we talk about returning. This has never been the concept. It’s about picking numbers. You do the number in front of everybody. We see the papers and the sizes. You fold them in front of everybody, put them in the box and do random picking of the ballot for the first phase. Then in the second phase, you do the order of the picking. Then you are done,” Mr. Otokunor added.

In other developments, members of the ruling New Patriotic Party says grabbing the number one spot means the outcome of the elections has been decided.

The General Secretary, John Boadu said "Choosing number 1 was a reflection of the confidence that the citizenry will repose in the party as the first choice in terms of leadership in the country"

Below are the parties and their positions on the ballot paper:

1. NPP

2. NDC

3. GUM

4. CPP

5. GFP


7. APC

8. LPG

9. PNC

10. PPP

11. NDP

12. Independent Candidate

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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