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ECOBANK Ghana Donates GHc100,000 To Appiatse Support Fund (PICS)

ECOBANK Ghana PLC has on Wednesday, 6th April, 2022 contributed their widow's mite towards the rebuilding of the Eco-friendly Appiatse Community with a sum of 100,000 Ghana Cedis at a brief event in Accra.

The presentation was led by the Bank's Managing Director Mr. Daniel Sackey who also doubles as the Regional Executive for Anglophone Africa.

Mr. Sackey in a brief remark said the contribution towards the fund was a direct response to a call by the Chairman of the Appiatse Support Fund Committee Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee.

He explained that "In response to a direct request from the chairperson of the fund, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee, we needed as a team, to demonstrate that we see Appiatse as part of the Country not only because we operate in the area but every person in Ghana deserves to be supported when tragedy occurs"

Mr. Daniel Sackey also hoped that the donation from the financial institution will bring back smiles on the faces of the People in the community.

He further underscored the need for compliance on the part of companies and individuals, saying that if companies and organizations fail in the line of work to properly ensure that due processes are met, there will be reoccurrences of similar incidents.

He added that "individuals, also have to be compliant during tragedies, such as not walking straight to accidents scene" when they occur.

Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee on her part, expressed her gratitude to the Bank officials reiterating the earlier statement by Mr. Daniel Sackey on the need for compliance and safety during disasters.

She emphasized that "our curiosity moved us towards danger when it should have moved us away".

She further stated that the unfortunate incident at Appiatse was unplanned, however, "we can avert serious damage when we learn to comply with the rules that are already set".

Rev. Dr. Aryee in her submission also disclosed that the Appiatse Reconstruction and Implementation Team have already began preliminary works for the reconstruction of the Appiatse township.

"People will have slightly better houses than they had before and the community will be eco-friendly, with a green idea like recycling and water harvesting "she maintained.

Rev Dr. Aryee concluded her insightful remarks by encouraging other institutions and individuals to support and donate generously to the fund since the monies accumulated so far are not adequate to support the rebuilding and restoration of Livelihoods.

"We were called to mobilize sufficient funds and I can say at this time the money is not yet sufficient" she concluded.

Below are some pictures:

Story by: Nadia Aidoo



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