"Darkness On Sogakope Bridge ‘Not As Bad As It Is’ – Highway Authority

The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) says the lack of functional streetlights on the Sogakope bridge is not a problem.

The Public Relations Officer of the Authority, speaking on JoyNews’ The Pulse with Blessed Sogah on Monday, May 30, said the situation “is not as bad as it is”.

According to Cecil Nii Obadai Wentum, this observation is after an assessment done by its engineers. Cecil Nii Obodai WentumHe said if the situation was that dire, the Authority would have attended to it. “We have done some assessment on it and I don’t think it was only recently that assessment was done, but the situation is not as bad as it is being put out there. If it is as bad as it has been put out there, I can assure you that our team of engineers would have dealt with it. So it is not as bad as they claim.”

Cecil Nii Obodai WentumIn a yet to be aired documentary, JoyNews’ Blessed Sogah revealed that the bridge has been plunged into total darkness for five years.

Blessed Sogah with Cecil Nii Obodai WentumAs a result, some residents say although the bridge makes transportation easy, there are constant accidents on the road, making it dangerous to ply on. “Seriously I think without this bridge, it will be difficult for cars to come and go out because without this, we cannot go to places like Kpando and the likes, and it is only this bridge that connects us to them,” one of the residents said. Source: Ernest Arhinful